Art for Sale

is a catalogue.
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Pub Date 1999
Publishing Person Shanghart Gallery
Author Alexander Brandt, Xu Zhen®, Yang Zhenzhong


"Art for Sale"was one of the most innovative experimental art exhibitions to take place in China in recent years. It not only used a public, commercial space to display art, but deliberately produced works that were at once art objects and commercial goods. Every detail of this exhibition catalogue was carefully planned. The exhibition catalogue, for example, was designed to look like a sales catalogue, thus further blurring the division between art and merchandise… It (the exhibition) consisted of two sections ― a small “supermarket space” in front and a much larger “installation space behind”. The second exhibition resembled a more conventional art exhibition, but works in this section acquired new meaning because they were framed by the “supermarket space”. This “supermarket space can be considered a large installation/performance piece in itself: it not only displayed but sold the “merchandise”, as in a supermarket’ – Wu Hung (‘Exhibiting Experimental Art’, p.173.) There is a section (in Chinese only) in which the participating artists gave their views on the theme of the exhibition:'沒有拒绝发言' (We Have Not Refused to Make Comments).