Manifesta 11 Guide book

is a magazine.
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Pub Date 2016
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 978-3-033-0556
Pages 304
Dimension 11.5×15.7 (cm)


The Manifesta 11 Guide is an essential companion for visitors to the biennial in Zurich. It includes information about the artists and artworks along with an overview of the venues, plus floor plans and city maps. All you need to get the most out of your visit! The Manifesta 11 Guide book is available at Manifesta 11 main venues and some satellites. You can also find it at Kunstgriff bookshop, Freitag Flagship Store, Freitag Grüngasse and Freitag Factory, Stampa (Basel), Kunsthalle Basel, Orell Füssli Bellevue, Orell Füssli Kramhof and Orell Füssli Stauffacher (Bern), among others. The Manifesta 11 Guide book is also available via Starticket. Only distributed in Switzerland.