Manifesta 7 Parallel events

is a catalogue.
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Pub Date 2008


The project for Manifesta 7 Parallel events is a collaboration between Lupo Burtscher and the designer Luisa Lorenza Corna. It includes a corporate identity and corresponding printed materials such as flags, posters, press kits, stickers and stamps. A specially published newspaper and catalogue were published after the completion of Manifesta 7. Manifesta, the 2008 European Biennial of Contemporary Art, will be held in South Tyrol and Trentino. Parallel to this, 108 local initiatives and associations, active in the field of art, will organise a programme that will be communicated jointly. A large-format newspaper that appears in German, Italian and English, brings together the various events. The three L’s of the ParaLLeL events, free, but arranged at the same distance from each other in the room, make an easily recognisable signature, serving as a logo: It appears in large format as well as a pattern. With the printed materials in the signal colour orange, the participating art locations can spatially mark their affiliation with the Parallel events. Gadgets for the public to take with them increase visibility and as well as the recognition factor. The extensive catalogue will be published after the completion of Manifesta 7 and its Parallel events. The editors Angelika Burtscher and Sabine Gamper have set themselves the goal of creating a retrospective as a permanent document. Consequently, the introduction contains a self-reflexive text in which actors discuss the permanent elements of the project in a roundtable debate. Overall, the catalogue speaks primarily through images that document the powerful impact of the Biennale on the local scene.