Manifesta 11 Catalogue

is a catalogue.
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Pub Date 2016
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 978-3-03778-48
Pages 320
Dimension 21×26 (cm)


Published on the occasion of Manifesta 11 in Zurich in 2016, the catalogue presents the various parts of What People Do for Money: Some Joint Ventures. For the first time in its history, the European Biennial of contemporary art is curated by a single artist. Christian Jankowski was chosen as curator to develop a socio-political and cultural portrait of Zurich; his concept forefronts encounters between international artists and local citizens from diverse occupational fields. From a list containing over 1000 professions, the thirty participating artists were asked to choose one profession they perceived the most inspiring for them. Then Christian Jankowski’s curatorial team in Zurich sought suitable representatives of the selected professions as «hosts» and introduced them to the artists. One part of the resulting artwork is presented in the workplace and another installed in the city’s art institutions. This catalogue offers the views of the hosts: What do dentists, personal trainers and police officers make of the artists and their art? It shows images of these new commissions in relation to art as well as music, books and films from the past fifty years, assembled in The Historical Exhibition: Sites Under Construction. It also documents the key elements of Manifesta 11: the floating Pavillon of Reflections on Lake Zurich and the radical transformation of Cabaret Voltaire into a temporary guildhall for artists. Texts reflect on the changing interface between work, labour and art in Zurich, Europe and beyond and include contributions from philosopher Franco Berardi (IT); collector Harald Falckenberg (DE); journalist Jonas Leppin (DE); gallerist and curator Aaron Moulton (US); writer Sally O’Reilly (UK); novelist Mikhail Shishkin (RU); and historian Jakob Tanner (CH). Published by Lars Müller Publishers