I Will Die (Chinese)

Artist: Yang Zhenzhong
video | Single-channel video | 11:38 | 2000

Edition of 5 yzzv03 Yang Zhengzhong became famous in 2000 with his half-hour video “(I Know) I Will Die” that features short sequences in which a series of people speak the phrase "I will die" to the camera. It was included as a multi-channel projection at the 2007 Venice Biennale to great acclaim. It is a disconcerting, soberly presented film that confronts the viewer with existential questions.


Useful Life | 2000.10 - 2000 | Dong Daming Rd(Shanghai, China)
2020+ | 2020.08.01 - 2020.10.18 | Red Brick Art Museum(Beijing, China)