Artist: Paola Pivi
installation, sculpture | 2001

Paola Pivi creates installations and objects of Herculean dimensions by updating the category of the readymade – a plane flipped upside down, a truck turned on its side as a kind of prehistoric animal, a one to one scale reproduction of an island in the Mediterranean, or a series of animals inserted in anomalous contexts. Pivi pushes the suspension of disbelief to its furthest extent. E (2001) is simultaneously a sculpture and mechanical device developed with a team of technicians and scientists. The object's steel needles rise and fall according to a viewer’s physical proximity, as if the object has the ability to react to natural stimuli.


Manifesta 5 | 2004.06.11 - 2004.09.30 | Arteleku(San Sebastián, Spain) | Casa Ciriza(San Sebastián, Spain) | Koldo Mitxelena(San Sebastián, Spain) | Kubo Kutxa Kursaal | Museo San Telmo(San Sebastián, Spain) | Ondartxo(San Sebastián, Spain) | San Sebastián | Soto del Aquarium(San Sebastián, Spain)