Siham & Hafida

Artist: Meriem Bennani
video | Six-channel digital video installation, color, sound; (looped), | 30:00 | 2017

In her Biennial work, MISSION TEENS: French School in Morocco, Meriem Bennani interviews teenagers in Morocco who attend French schools, a relic of colonialism that the artist also experiences as a French-educated Moroccan. As in much of Bennani's video work, MISSIONS TEENS combines multiple visual languages, drawing on the aesthetic and narrative conventions of documentary, reality television, advertising, social media, and digital animation. Bennani often exhibits her work in multisensory environments rather than on a single monitor or screen, exploring the new patterns of media consumption that have developed around smartphones and other portable devices. In the Biennial, she incorporates video into a large-scale installation she calls a "video viewing garden"—an environment comprising planters and futuristic, absurdist seating. (Installation view, The Kitchen, New York, NY, 2017. Image courtesy the artist. Photograph by Jason Mandella)


Whitney Biennial 2019 | 2019.05.17 - 2019.09.22 | Whitney Museum of American Art(New York City, NY, United States)