Segmented Landscape

Artist: Liu Chuang
installation | mixed media installation | 2014

The “chuang” in Liu Chuang means “window” in Chinese. Following his namesake, Liu pours over a group of geometric images that have permeated life in the last few decades. Putting anti-burglary grilles over windows was a collective memory and life experience in China in the 1980s and 1990s. Every household installed these cages on balconies and windows – preventing burglars from the outside, shielding what goes on inside. These anti-burglary grilles often have simple designs as decoration, becoming a fixed visual model visible in everyday life. The bars, separating inside and outside, seem to represent a programmed production and life, and to this day, still poke through in the view among buildings within and without. Liu Chuang adds a screen for these grilles. Under the intense sunlight and gentle breeze of northern China, the fixed symbol of the window lattice momentarily takes on life, turning into different scenes seen from inside and outside the windows. The once prison-like bars now give the people living on both sides a fluttering chance to look again at the modern planned metropolis.


The 10th Shanghai Biennale - Social Factory | 2014.11.23 - 2015.03.31 | Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai, China)