Somniloquy 2015

Artist: Deng Yuejun
installation | Iron, LED light, Motor (set of 35, 10*10*10cm) | 2015

Somniloquy 2015 is an extension of the Somniloquy Series, it is also a new work for Shadow Study. Shadow belongs to a two dimensional world. It is untouchable but our feelings for shadows are no less real. Yuejun Deng always wanted to use the dynamics of shadows as an expression of art. In this work, he put LED lights into the breathing squares to constitute a color matrix, simulating the ecological dynamic of the interplay of the insects community.


FREE PANORAMA - 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival | 2019.04.20 - 2019.06.16 | Pingshan Cultural Center Exhibition Gallery(Shen zhen, China)