Machine for Living

Artist: Ratté Sabrina
video | 5 video loops, each for 3-5mins | 03:00 | 2018

Machine for Living is an ongoing project, first elaborated in the context of a 9-month residency at Château Ephémère (Carrière-sous-Poissy, France). The video series investigates the architecture of the new towns (Villes Nouvelles) and brutalist habitation buildings in the surroundings of Paris. Cities such as Noisy-le-Grand, Montigny-leBretonneux, Créteil, Grigny, Cergy-Pontoise, Nanterre and Ivry-sur-Seine were at the center of this research. Created using photographs, 3D animation and video synthesizer, Machine for Living combines documentation and abstraction and straddles the line between utopia and dystopia. New architectures will be continuously added to the project, as the concept of Villes Nouvelles and brutalist architecture can be found in many other urban contexts worldwide. Ideally, every time the installation is presented, a new video inspired by the local architecture would be added to the project. Machine for Living is an ongoing series of virtual visits inspired by the new towns. The concept of standardization of habitation buildings is at the heart of this project by the use of the element of repetition; each environment is a variation on the same architectural structure. The monotony is avoided by the different façades mapped onto the structures. This strategy echoes some of the theories of Emile Aillaud who conceptualized "La Grande Borne". The aesthetic of the new towns is transformed to be reborn in new environments, abstract but recognizable, surreal but reminiscent of a known reality.


FREE PANORAMA - 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival | 2019.04.20 - 2019.06.16 | Pingshan Cultural Center Exhibition Gallery(Shen zhen, China)