Artist: Külli Kaats
sound, video | 2004

In Kulli Kaats's video, Avifauna (2004), human language is replaced by the chirping and twittering (or in Estonian, kirking and kooing) of birds. Trained as an orchestral conductor, Kaats is committed to a meticulous research of the language of birds. Her complex notations that result in cacophonous musical scores evolve as experimental mimetic studies designed to gauge human behaviour against the patterns of bird communication, migration and nesting.Endlessly rewriting a personal and yet foreign language, Kaats´ work is enveloped in an obscure and enigmatic light.


Manifesta 5 | 2004.06.11 - 2004.09.30 | Arteleku(San Sebastián, Spain) | Casa Ciriza(San Sebastián, Spain) | Koldo Mitxelena(San Sebastián, Spain) | Kubo Kutxa Kursaal | Museo San Telmo(San Sebastián, Spain) | Ondartxo(San Sebastián, Spain) | San Sebastián | Soto del Aquarium(San Sebastián, Spain)