Everything We Create is Not Ourselves 68-1

Artist: He Xiangyu
painting | mixed media | 310x410xeachmm | 2013

Touch, observation, perception, transcription. Every day, He Xiangyu uses the tip of his tongue to carefully explore his upper and lower jaws, and the space between the lips and his teeth. This has gone on for over a year, much like keeping a diary. This requires him to use a new method of exploration every day, to overcome the anxiety of prior influence, in order to glean new perceptions from this small and not fully visible space, before transcribing them into images and sculptures. Through repetition and training day after day, he gradually grasps the explorative powers of the tip of the tongue. He is able to sense how the conditions inside the oral cavity differ when the body is under different states. The complex, variegated sensations are expressed through fanciful images that are not stringent. Such a transcription is akin to pseudo-science, bringing out a certain sense of mystery. By treating the ever-renewing sense of touch as an invention of perceptive ability, the body with its limits can also produce an infinite method of perception.


The 10th Shanghai Biennale - Social Factory | 2014.11.23 - 2015.03.31 | Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai, China)