The Corner

Two works in the Corner of 2018 are pendants that visualize the psychological tension, geographic dislocation, and the artist’s own nomadic identity. Kim also deals with the human condition and the instinct to create “boundaries” and “lines” in an effort of groups to distinguish themselves from other groups, a space where people often find security and psychological comfort. At the same time, Kim creates threatening lines that invade, intervene, and smudge other boundaries. It is her conflicted experience as a woman in Gwangju, embodying the local and collective history and the marginalized identity of her whole life. The Corner is a testament of the grand-narratives of Gwangju’s history as well as her own personal petit-narratives. In the Corner, Kim strives to construct an imagined belonging in which her own desires, horrors, nostalgia, and oppression are resolved and negotiated.

Miscellaneous: The 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition (2018)
Shot on Sep 7, 2018