The Dialogue

Artist: Wang Gongxin
installation | Metal, water, dye, motor and flashing light. | 3000x1000x890mm | 1995

Like a balancing scale, one bulb goes upward, and the other comes down, kisses the ink’s surface and creates ripples. The ripples gradually calm down. A cycle of balance-imbalance-rebalance is created. The moving light of the bulbs projects onto onlookers. Shadows move up and down on surrounding walls. A movement of rising and ebbing is created.


11th Shanghai Biennale - WHY NOT ASK AGAIN | 2016.11.11 - 2017.03.12 | Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai, China)
2020+ | 2020.08.01 - 2020.10.18 | Red Brick Art Museum(Beijing, China)