BéBU - Paris

Artist: Jean-Luc Moulene
sculpture | Bronze, gold patina, steel base | 480x200x130mm | 2019

In the twenties, a creature named "bubu" was a key figure of "the Great Game"* by the Phrères simplistes. It acted as a God with plastic perfection, namely infinitely and continuously modular. For this purpose, they simply used a modelling clay ball. This sculpture is an evocation. 6 plasticine imprints of a celluloïd doll from the 50's have been returned and reassembled. For bronze Gods infinitely malleable. "Then you will learn him to dance backwards as in the delirium musette balls, and this reverse will be his real place". — To Have Done with the Judgment of God, Antonin Artaud Le Grand Jeu (the Great Game) is the name of a Literature review published by the eponymous group between 1928 and 1932. Edition of 3 + 2 AP Photo by: Florian Kleinefenn


58th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale 2019 - May You Live in Interesting Times | 2019.05.11 - 2019.11.24 | Arsenale(Venice, Italy) | La Biennale di Venezia(Venice, Italy) | various venues in public space, Venice(Venice, Italy)