Sound Geography, booklet

Artist: Liu Chih-Hung
object | print | 140x105mm | 2015

Chih-Hung Liu’s recent paintings embody his understanding of life and his personal experiences. His approach to narration and interpretation from a mundane perspective allows him to tightly interlock emotions and images. Incorporating images, ready-made objects, investigation reports, and printed materials, his multimedia work attempts to address issues related to the use of ordinary materials, the notion of formal language, and the creation of local connections. L’OISEAU BLEU is a series of selected paintings from 2010 to 2016. The trajectory of Liu’s artistic creation parallels his life. These paintings therefore reflect his emotional commitment to the medium of painting after a period of bewilderment and uncertainty. Sound Geography is a publication consisting of a “voice-drawing” database. Using the “human body” as an auditory organ to perceive various sounds and voices, this project aims to explore the possibility of visualizing what we hear by connecting, transforming, and representing verbal accounts, interviews, images, and abstract/figurative sketch lines. In this work, local objects, people, and stories serve as a narrative source of inspiration. The artist associates the data and sound materials he collects from different cities and areas with his research on auditory and visual perceptions in an attempt to present the deep-seated context of local cultures through recording and archiving. To date, this ongoing project has travelled to Yamaguchi in Japan, Kaohsiung and Hengchun in Taiwan for data-collecting; the next series of city samples—Tainan, Tokyo, Davao in the Philippines, and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia—are scheduled for the coming year.


2016 Taipei Biennial – Gestures and archives of the present, genealogies of the future | 2016.09.10 - 2017.02.05 | Taipei Fine Arts Museum(TFAM)(Taibei, China)