Fairy Tale: Mu Mu in Shengzhen, 2002-2003, Smoke on Garbage

Artist: Jiang Zhi
photography | black and white photo | 710x250mm | 2002

self-description: It is still the continuation of this poetic state. But at that time she had already experienced the sting of life. Mumu is not a sweet angel as before, but a deep black shadow, looking at natural world completely without feelings. A shadow unwilling to expose her face, she can only be ambiguous, full of disbelief and confusion about herself. And the world she faces is clear beyond comparison-meaning, in the way "she” wishes to see it. I live now in this maturing city, and no matter what kind of city it is, my life is already tied to it...I really like those theatrical, very strong scenes, scenes that look like stages, half-real half-fake. I really can't tolerate leaving those images on printing paper.


Lifetime | 2003.02.22 - 2003.03.25 | Beijing Tokyo Art Projects【Changed Name】(Beijing, China)