Nishan II

Artist: Desire Machine Collective
video | 2-channel video | 07:36 | 2019

Desire Machine Collective, an art collective based in Guwahati in northeastern India, explores the relationship between art, ecology, technology and activism. A long-term project, ‘Nishan’ focuses on Kashmir. Interested in depicting trauma that is alienated from time itself, the artists collected footage and photographs of everyday life in the city from an abandoned house, which later became a hideout and bunker, doing so for over a decade. Nishan II, a new commission presented at SB2019, is the series’ second work. Here, the artists have created an immersive experience; Nishan II appropriates the cityscape and soundscape of Kashmir into an endless loop of timelessness, underlining the fact that the trauma never ends.


Singapore Biennale 2019 - Every Step In The Right Direction | 2019.11.22 - 2020.03.22 | Asian Civilisations Museum(Singapore, Singapore) | Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay(Singapore) | Far East Plaza(Singapore, Singapore) | Gillman Barracks(Singapore, Singapore) | LASALLE College of the Arts(Singapore, Singapore) | National Gallery Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Library of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Museum of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | Singapore Art Museum (SAM)(Singapore, Singapore) | SMU de Suantio Gallery(Singapore) | W!LD RICE @ Funan