Illusion of the City

Artist: Chen Hsiangfu
installation | Thermal printer, LCD, Encoder, Raspberry Pi b+, MDF, Steel, Aluminium, Real estate data | 200x150x100mm | 2018

Berlin is no longer "poor, but sexy", as its former mayor Wowereit famously said in 2003. Rather, the city might soon be expensive. Flat searching and real estate market are currently among the most discussed topics in Berlin. The rapid influx of new residents and the housing shortage has put pressure on the housing market. Rents are rising exponentially, Prices in Berlin jumped by 20.5% in 2017, which tops the world as city with the fastest rising property prices.
 In order to handle with the demand for population explosion, Berlin is constantly building new homes. On real estate websites , it shows various plans of new buildings, virtual space simulation of residences, with cliché slogans, selling the imaginations of exquisite houses, But when gentrification becoming more severe, who can still afford these imaginations? 
 In this work, Hsiangfu Chen collected property prices and residential floor plans as databases, re-disassembled them into different functional spaces. ( kitchen, balcony, bathroom etc. ) With the machine box , viewers can get a correspondingly new-generated virtual space depending on the number of income they insert. The reorganised images might seems illogical, but on the other sides it reflecting partial truth and trying to explore the power relationships between residence and city itself.


FREE PANORAMA - 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival | 2019.04.20 - 2019.06.16 | Pingshan Cultural Center Exhibition Gallery(Shen zhen, China)