Pink Slime Caesar Shift: Gold Edition

Artist: Jen Liu
installation, painting, video, miscellaneous | 7 works, Multi-media installation: live performances, videos, set design, paintings and costumes | 2019

Pink Slime Caesar Shift: Gold Edition is a suite of live performances, video, set design, installation and paintings that reflect on the value and nature of gold. They investigate a diverse range of topics: gold-particle genetic engineering, gold as a principle of wealth, labour and trade, and how one’s body and ‘fate’ can be altered by ingesting gold. Part of an ongoing series, this component explores biolistics, a method of shooting gold microparticles into cell walls to introduce a string of synthetic DNA into a cell organism. Installed at the Asian Civilisations Museum, the presentation extends the artist’s interest to activate a conversation with collections, archival artefacts and notions of display.


Singapore Biennale 2019 - Every Step In The Right Direction | 2019.11.22 - 2020.03.22 | Asian Civilisations Museum(Singapore, Singapore) | Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay(Singapore) | Far East Plaza(Singapore, Singapore) | Gillman Barracks(Singapore, Singapore) | LASALLE College of the Arts(Singapore, Singapore) | National Gallery Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Library of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Museum of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | Singapore Art Museum (SAM)(Singapore, Singapore) | SMU de Suantio Gallery(Singapore) | W!LD RICE @ Funan