Caracas Suite

This immersive video installation depicts four emblematic buildings erected during Venezuela’s modernizing period: 23 de Enero and El Silencio—two housing developments designed by Carlos Raul Villanueva between the 1940s and 1950s; the functionalist style twin towers of Centro Simon Bolivar (1948-54) designed by Cipriano Dominguez becoming an early symbol of Venezuela’s modern identity as it transformed into a petroleum-based economy; and El Helicoide—a massive structure built on a hill with spiraling ramps topped by a Buckminster Fuller-designed dome which was intended to become a major center of commerce and entertainment, but was largely left abandoned when the construction came to an abrupt halt in 1961. El Helicoide acquired a reputation of notoriety as much for its unconventional design as its changing use over time—as an intelligence facility and now a political prison. In the work, these landmarks of modernity in Venezuela are transformed into ornamental fountains.

Miscellaneous: The 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition (2018)
Shot on Sep 7, 2018