Excerpt from a conversation with doctor Khalisseh, 14.8.2019

Artist: Marwa Arsanios
object | Ink on paper | 2019

Transcribed excerpt, in Arabic and in English translation, from a conversation between the artist Marwa Arsanios and herbal medicine doctor Khalisseh in the region of Derbesiyeh in Northern Syria. Doctor Khalisseh’s practice involves research into the properties and medical uses of local plants. The text describes several herbs and oils that she uses to cure burns, scars, and diseases of the ligaments. The conversation was conducted as part of a research for Arsanios’ film Who is Afraid of Ideology? (2019).


exp. 1 - The Bones of the World | 2019.09.07 - 2019.11.09 | ExRotaprint(Berlin, Germany)