Artist: Esther Hunziker
installation, video | 6 block monitors on sockets, 6 video loops 3–5 min | 03:00 | 2018

Object-like beings appear on six monitors, all of them speaking at the same time. Their bodies are like stone formations or strange meteorites, while their language is human, banal and quotidian. This is a babble of voices from original audio tracks on real video streams: texts from real people, who point the cameras at themselves and express their feelings, which they share online at any time with anyone and no one in particular. Esther Hunziker borrows these "feelings" from the nonstop stream of global networks and gives the language new bodies. She calls her hybrid beings "specimens," so-called scientific paradigms, which she conserves and presents as "foreign" objects on the monitors. In the age of digitalisation Hunziker comes decisively to terms with how reality and fiction increasingly intermingle, and how identities appear to be interchangeable and can always be compared with others. This is the virtual exhibitionism of the online subject reflected in the vloggers’ spoken texts: the continual search for the "online I," for belonging "in the world." - Ines Goldbach (from the exhibition catalogue Hi There)


FREE PANORAMA - 2019 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival | 2019.04.20 - 2019.06.16 | Pingshan Cultural Center Exhibition Gallery(Shen zhen, China)