Artist: Johannes Kahrs

The paintings, charcoal drawings and video projections of Johannes Kahrs are all bound by a relationship to time. He renders figures in the midst of ambiguous performative gestures that confound any clear identification or reduction to a single communicative meaning. The works — Spooky Love, Just to Keep the Feeling Going, I Finally Accept Fate, and This — therefore oscillate between latent and overt psychological meanings. Illusory figures are portrayed amid hands applauding, striking, or inducing. Among his confrontational placements of paintings and charcoal drawings, a grainy black and white film documenting a man rhythmically moving his head side to side is silently projected. The pulse of his motion, with its implied inertia, points to the possibility of physical drama. And yet, in anticipation of this probable reading, the artist complicates a narrative resolution by hanging a final painting of hands clasped in flaccid disempowerment and impotence.


Manifesta 5 | 2004.06.11 - 2004.09.30 | Arteleku(San Sebastián, Spain) | Casa Ciriza(San Sebastián, Spain) | Koldo Mitxelena(San Sebastián, Spain) | Kubo Kutxa Kursaal | Museo San Telmo(San Sebastián, Spain) | Ondartxo(San Sebastián, Spain) | San Sebastián | Soto del Aquarium(San Sebastián, Spain)