Artist: Liao Fei
installation, video | 60 | 130x210mm | 2015

In Signal, Liao Fei establishes a set of rules – in this case to follow the traffic regulations to the letter – that nevertheless allows a cyclist to move continually along the city streets. However, the route depends entirely on the traffic signals: the cyclist going straight on when encountering a green light and turning right when the light is red. For 30 days the artist began from the same intersection, riding for one hour and recording his movement using a smartphone app. Again anti-teleological strategies are employed to question the rationale for these otherwise everyday human actions and the cognitive mechanisms that reinforce and embed them in our lives.


We - A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists | 2016.03.04 - 2016.05.02 | chi K11 art space (Shanghai)(Shanghai, China)