Your Shit - Your Responsibility

Artist: Skart
project | 2000

how: samizdat-samodat /self-production-self-distribution projects: q-rare letter, sadness, armature, accused, post me, permit for free walk in all directions, dress yourself/warm yourself/feed yourself, additional survival coupons, lullaby activities: graphic research initiatives: fron't (art activism against violence; project in egzile, in collaboration with Brussels artists and non-artists), submissive (in collaboration with students of Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht) next initijative: dam-das (citizen solidarity service - project of depassivisation and awaking of citizens' consciousness, Belgrade 2000) and: tvoje govno - tvoja odgovornost/your shit - your responsibility project description: your shit media: your responsibility


Manifesta 3 - Borderline Syndrome. Energies of Defence | 2000.06.23 - 2000.09.24 | Cankarjev Dom(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | International Centre of Graphic Arts(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | Museum of Modern Art(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | National Museum of Slovenia(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | RTV Slovenia