Donatrice - Paris

Artist: Jean-Luc Moulene
sculpture | Terracotta 15th century | 1970x1700x1000mm | 2019

Moulène creates objects that are the consequence of the inactivity of objects and bodies. Moulène responds above all by taking an unmaking as the origin of his making and leaving this unmaking permanently present and visible in his objects. He thus explores processes such as intersection, laterality, sectioning, which are always developed in a tension between body and object. Using a 15th century religious statue of the Virgin Mary kneeling in prayer, part of the family collection, this sculpture is a restoration, not toward a particular origin but toward a reorganised future. The statue's elements are reassembled and exhibited on a large metallic table which is now fully part of the work. "Word by word, the Donatrice gifts her organs". — Jean-Luc Moulène . 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, May You Live In Interesting Times,Photo by: Francesco Galli Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia


58th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale 2019 - May You Live in Interesting Times | 2019.05.11 - 2019.11.24 | Arsenale(Venice, Italy) | La Biennale di Venezia(Venice, Italy) | various venues in public space, Venice(Venice, Italy)