City Lights

Artist: Yang Fudong
video | 6:00 | 2000

"City Lights" is a mixture of the detective film and slapstick. A young, well-dressed office clerk moves in unison along the street and around the office. Like pre-programmed robots they fit perfectly into their apparently ideally organized environment. The day is entirely dominated by work, but the evening provides space for dreams and creative thinking, allowing a schizophrenic situation to arise. In their heroic conduct the two gentlemen sometimes develop into two gangsters who engage in a form of shadowboxing.


Floating Images - Short Films from Yang Fudong | 2010.05.28 - 2010.05.29 | Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) (Beijing)(Beijing, China)
Free Prism Video Wave | 2019.09.25 - 2019.11.17 | Boxes Art Museum(Foshan, China)