Artist: Hiorthøy Kim
miscellaneous | 2004

Kim Hiorthøy’s produced a wall collage of posters and graphics incorporating appropriated and self-produced images entwined with commentary. The artist’s method bears a likeness to 1960s and 70s collage and poster art, as well as the use of hand-colouring and animated special effects in early feature films’. His practice recycles iconic images from subcultures, along with examples from more commercial graphic languages, to compose a visual index of our present.


Manifesta 5 | 2004.06.11 - 2004.09.30 | Arteleku(San Sebastián, Spain) | Casa Ciriza(San Sebastián, Spain) | Koldo Mitxelena(San Sebastián, Spain) | Kubo Kutxa Kursaal | Museo San Telmo(San Sebastián, Spain) | Ondartxo(San Sebastián, Spain) | San Sebastián | Soto del Aquarium(San Sebastián, Spain)