Artist: Ayse Erkmen
project, miscellaneous | 2018

Based on the social and physical environment from which they arise, Erkmen’s projects intervene with and transpose an existing structure/situation, often creating ambiguous spaces by intertwining life and art. For this first Thailand Biennale, the artist chooses one of Krabi’s landmarks, the Poda Island. The island will be reimagined through the Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte’s masterpiece The Castle of the Pyrenees. Erkmen simply manipulated the name of Magritte as a type of Hollywood sign on top of the rock of Poda, as an homage to the master of the last century art history. At the same time, through the artistic development, it transforms that very ‘tourist’ site as an iconic example to a ‘cultural’ one. Although technically it would not be possible to materialise the installation in situ, the work will be presented on billboards across the country of Thailand beyond Krabi, to blur the boundaries between art history and popular culture, between advertisement and slogan, and between the real and the imagined.


The 1st Thailand Biennale2018 - Edge of the Wonderland | 2018.11.02 - 2019.02.28 | Krabi(Thailand)