Giant Ruins

Artist: Tu Wei-Cheng
installation, performance

In Thai culture, traditional and popular myths insinuate themselves in history. Tu Weizheng explores the boundaries between the realms of real and fictional to rethink history. His installation includes an information board relating the past and popular beliefs around the region of Krabi, which replaces the fake archaeological ruins previously displayed outside the cave. Inside of the cave the artist further challenges our expectations of exhibiting spaces through archaeological replicas. He recreates excavation works and written plates to document Thai history. A series of fictitious artefacts are ennobled by glass displays that include bronze ware, clay statues and tools traditionally belonging to Thai culture and legends. It becomes hard to distinguish the fake and the authentic. Archaeology, through the reproduction of accurate looking fakes and their preservation in museum-like glass cases, testify a past that is situated on the edge between reality and myth.


The 1st Thailand Biennale2018 - Edge of the Wonderland | 2018.11.02 - 2019.02.28 | Krabi(Thailand)