Inversionspace1 &11

Artist: Dorothea Reese-Heim
installation | aluminum, GFK rod, mirror plane | 750x1750x2250mm | 1992

"Inversion space" is actually an optical illusion which requires concentration to be able to see. In theinverted space I, the surrounding space, especially the space boundary, will gradually disappear upward or downward, and the space is neutralized by there flection from ground mirrors. Deep observation of the mirror conveys the ascension of the ground surface, and the observer oneself becomes part of the sky above the mirror, as if one is looking at a fountain, thus the viewpoint is neutralized. InversionSpace 2 is a continuation of Inversion Space I in a completely different way which is expanding the focus on the sky. Ones’ observations of the sky will be touched by photographs of branches and treetops on the ground, therefore the middle layer has been created, and the observation direction extends downward, yet theperception is the opposite - I look at the ground and experience the sky. Lines penetrate the whole space to form a bow-shaped structure which is a vault similar to a transparent floating building.


On the Borders of Shadows - Dorothea Reese-Heim | 2019.09.14 - 2019.11.03 | XC. HuA Galleries (Beijing)(Beijing, China)