Maracuj√° Road

Artist: Yeung Trevor
installation | 2014

In his practice, Trevor Yeung uses natural bodies and systems as a pretext for describing human processes and relations. Rather than using phenomena from the natural world as metaphors in a romantic tradition, he instead projects emotional and intellectual scenarios onto biological substitutes, which he manipulates and alters with a full acceptance of the artificiality of nature. Maracuj√° Road consists of an elaborate bamboo and metal structure is an ideal ground to support the spread of the naturally invasive passion fruit plant. The pots are arranged in such a way, however, that the plants do not reach the structure, their impulses remaining unsatisfied, their blindly-pursued goal unattainable.


The 10th Shanghai Biennale - Social Factory | 2014.11.23 - 2015.03.31 | Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai, China)