Landscapes series 3

Artist: Li Weiyi
video | 2016

The project stems from the following question. What kind of still images we can produce, in an age where we are fully equipped with tools/techniques for generating moving images or rendering three-dimensional models? In this project, I employed a three-dimensional scanner as a tool to document reality and generate two-dimensional images instead of three-dimensional objects. Essentially, the 3D scanner was employed unconventionally as a camera. This project included three phases/series : Landscapes, Still Lifes, and Portraits. In the Landscapes series (not appearing on the uploaded profile), I captured snapshots with a three-dimensional scanner of passer-bys, automobiles, and storefronts within the vicinity of a one street block. This piece included still images and a looped video piece


Without Leaving Any Traces | 2017.05.18 - 2017.07.10 | MOCUBE(Beijing, China)