Chinternet Plus: What Goes On

Artist: Miao Ying
video | 2018

Miao Ying has developed her artistic practice alongside and in dialogue with the enormous growth of the internet in China. In a 2015 Rhizome interview, she reflected, “the first internet piece I made [Blind Spot, 2007] was trying to address censorship with an end goal of bringing change to it. Over the years, I feel like censorship has changed me instead.” Thus, with much critical and artistic attention on the limits of the web in China, Miao looks to a rapidly developing symbolic language as well as spaces of humor and dissonance at work in various online communities. In this installation, Chinternet Plus, Miao presents an enclosed promotional booth such as the design driven spaces used to promote new products in trade expos. Creating a Shanzai (fake or bootlegged) version of Internet Plus, the big data initiative promoted by the Chinese government, Miao presents ideology as a marketing strategy. Miao’s use of “live” stream (“bullet”) commentary, GIFS, and memes celebrate the creativity and craftiness of online users who find ways to inject these tools with cultural and political commentary.


The 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition (2018) | 2018.09.07 - 2018.11.11 | Asia Culture Center(Gwangju, South Korea) | Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall(Gwangju, South Korea) | Gwangju Metropolitan City(Gwangju, South Korea)