Roman Nomade and An UnknownJourney - A Brief History of Colonist

Artist: Pu Yingwei
performance, project | Postcard | 137x90x3张mm | 2016

The postcard from Africa is actually published in France, it depicts an under-constructed Solomon temple. On the backside of the postcard, it says, "I don't know what will this journey mean to me, will me arrive? Will me be back? If there is anything can be sure, I think it is 'who I am now' will not be exist anymore, so what about 'the future me'? I don't know yet."  


Roman Nomade: - Pu Yingwei Solo Project | 2017.03.04 - 2017.04.07 | Hive Center For Contemporary Art(Beijing, China)
Time, History, Why We Fight - Pu Yingwei | 2020.05.22 - 2020.07.08 | Hive Center For Contemporary Art(Beijing, China)