As Above, So Below

Artist: Deana Lawson
photography | Pigment print | 1118x889mm | 2014

In the photographs on view, taken in Brooklyn, Haiti, Jamaica, and Miami, Deana Lawson depicts her subjects with a deeply intimate and gentle eye. Though she shoots in diverse settings, and her subjects are most often strangers, Lawson’s works are united by what she calls the “familial gaze.” She is inspired by the expression and aesthetics of black cultures worldwide, and her photographs can be seen as psychological portraits of black subjects in an extended, mythological diasporic family. Using a large-format camera, and working across a variety of photographic traditions, including portraiture, staged scenes, found or appropriated imagery, and vernacular photography (e.g., family albums), she addresses themes of the body, sensuality, community, and spirituality, among others.


Crossing Brooklyn - Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond | 2014.10.03 - 2015.01.04 | Brooklyn Museum(New York City, NY, United States)