① Grass Bridge ② Indian Cowboy

On this Grass Bridge, plants, animals, humans, and houses all sprout like grass and live together in harmony. Emitting vital life energy they lead audiences to the world of animism. Beyond that bridge, round sculptures are placed like stars in the sky. The sculpture Indian Cowboy is hanging like an icon. It resembles a sacred statue of a god in a chapel that has been dedicated to nature. The god has a shape inspired by the combination of a tree, grass, and a little person, giving it a friendly but holy impression. The universe that the author has created is not the world of nirvana that is far away from this world but one that is composed of sceneries often seen around his studio. The grass, tree, people, and animals perform a dance of life together in his work.

Miscellaneous: The 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition (2018)
Shot on Sep 7, 2018