Between Dig and Display, 2017

First established in 1957, the Kuwait National Museum was designed by French architect Michel Ecochard in 1961, exemplifying the arrival and fallout with modernity in the Arab state of Kuwait. In this work, the artist presents a selection of documentation found in the storage basement of the never-completed museum. A mixture of ancient and recent artifacts, this disparate group of objects demonstrates a society's struggle to articulate its own history. Here, Farid enlarges pages from archaeological records of clay figurines, rose water dispensers and a Sumerian seal. Somewhere between an archeological site and museum, these documents are “less a record of a nation's aspirations than evidence of its unreconciled values…that oscillates between self-portrait and state narrative,” according to the artist.

Miscellaneous: The 12th Gwangju Biennale Exhibition (2018)
Shot on Sep 7, 2018