Artist: Yang Haegue
installation | Steel frame, perforated metal plate, caster, aluminum venetian blinds, knitting yarn, acrylic mirror | 2500x4200x3100mm | 2009

Yang titled this sculptural installationSallim—Korean for “household” or “managing a household” —because of the word’s automatic feminine association. This sculptural installation is a 1:1 transposition of the kitchen in the artist’s Berlin apartment, including built-in elements such as a door, a French balcony, a countertop, and a boiler. The space is made with a steel frame, and populating it are both custom-made and mass produced objects—such as an electric fan, light bulbs, scent emitters, venetian blinds—as well as handcrafted items. This “anti-architectural installation,” as the artist calls it, situates private space within the public realm, considering the noncommercial site of the kitchen as a site of labor.


Scenes for a New Heritage - Contemporary Art from the Collection | 2015.03.08 - 2016.04.10 | MoMA(New York City, NY, United States)