Structures of Influence

Artist: Vangelis Vlahos
object | 2004

Vangelis Vlahos investigates the mechanisms constructing identity and political power as they are reflected in institutional buildings and symbolic sites. His sculptures, models and technical drawings reproduce and dissect embassies and bureaucratic offices, recreating architectural symbols according to indications found in the media. For Manifesta 5, Vlahos conducted research on the relationship between high rise buildings and politics. He constructs models inspired by different skyscrapers around the world, including the Atocha Tower in San Sebastian built during Franco’s regime. Vlahos’ sculptures act as totems around which national values revolve, but, as fragile paper constructions, they also question the endurance of ideals and grand statements.


Manifesta 5 | 2004.06.11 - 2004.09.30 | Arteleku(San Sebastián, Spain) | Casa Ciriza(San Sebastián, Spain) | Koldo Mitxelena(San Sebastián, Spain) | Kubo Kutxa Kursaal | Museo San Telmo(San Sebastián, Spain) | Ondartxo(San Sebastián, Spain) | San Sebastián | Soto del Aquarium(San Sebastián, Spain)