Artist: Steven Parrino
installation | Enamel on canvas | 2604x2718x3556mm | 2004

Steven Parrino's work in painting, drawing, sculpture, film, and video incorporates elements of Minimalism, pop culture, and Action Painting within a particular kind of nihilism that demonstrates the creative potential of destruction. Emerging from the East Village art scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Parrino embarked on a decades-long investigation of painting that stressed physical surface over pictorial representation. His "misshaped paintings," as he called them, are large-scale, mostly monochromatic canvases that were twisted or torn off their stretchers, then reaffixed in a dynamic, often violent action. Recalling the shaped canvases of Frank Stella, the slashed surfaces of Lucio Fontana, and even the elaborate drapery depicted in Baroque paintings, Parrino's works blur the line that separates painting from sculpture, gesture from form.


Whitney Biennial 2006 | 2006.03.02 - 2006.05.28 | Whitney Museum of American Art (old museum)(New York City, NY, United States)