Exposure: Buckets

Artist: Shao Yi
installation | 100 pieces | 2008

Shao Yi’s work ‘Exposure’ uses different sized iron drums as carriers of pin-hole imagine cameras and the photopaper becomes directly the exposed object.In this series of works, the only principal how artist choice the subject is ’anything around me that can be exposed for ages ’.This is revolt against artist himself and naturally occurring phenomenon.In the technologically developed modern society, the rely on technology and hardware forces Shao Yi to think over the means of works and works itself,or we can say the essential relationship.Finially,he choose to abandon and use an expression which returns to original simplicity.He presents the source of photography through physical technique of pin-hole imaging and phototonus of chemical substances.So he give up frame, camera, film, theme, subject intermediate link, those concepts and everything that frces you to think and helps you to think. When you see those negative imagines after exposure on the photopaper, maybe you will abandon Shao Yi’s dumping and then start to dump your own.


ShanghART Group Show | 2008.04.12 - 2008.04.19 | ShanghART Gallery(Huaihai Rd)【Relocated】(Shanghai, China)