Rescued Rhododendrons

Artist: Simon Starling
photography | 2000

Rescued Rhododendrons (Production Stills) consists of five colour photographs. The images document a journey made earlier this year from the north of Scotland to the southernmost tip of Spain. The journey inverted one made in 1763 by a Swedish botanist, Claes Alestroemer, who discovered Rhododendron Ponticum growing in the hills between Gibraltar and Cadiz. Alestroemer, a student of Linnaeus, was the first person to introduce this Rhododendron into cultivation in Britain. Since then the plant has become endemic in Scotland and is now considered a weed. The project began with a request to make a public work for a piece of protected heath land in Scotland. Discovering that a number of Ponticum plants, encroaching on this fragile "Scottish ecosystem", were to be destroyed, Starling set out in his red Swedish estate car to return these plants to their ancestors.


Manifesta 3 - Borderline Syndrome. Energies of Defence | 2000.06.23 - 2000.09.24 | Cankarjev Dom(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | International Centre of Graphic Arts(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | Museum of Modern Art(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | National Museum of Slovenia(Ljubljana, Slovenia) | RTV Slovenia