Black Ocean

Artist: Liu Yujia
video | Single channel film、color 、sound,16:9 | 380:350 | 2016

In an industrial spectacle set amidst yardang erosional landforms of the resource rich Gobi desert, machines and animals become shadows and signs, and humans are functional beings that operate drills, machines, and vehicles. Uniforms cover the bodies and no face is identifiable. The landscape is vast, the system persistent. This is a hallucinogenic phantom place with one foot rooted in the distant past, and the other marching towards a far future.


11th Shanghai Biennale - WHY NOT ASK AGAIN | 2016.11.11 - 2017.03.12 | Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Shanghai, China)
A Chemical Love Story | 2017.08.05 - 2017.09.16 | Tang Contemporary Art Beijing(Beijing, China)
The Beach, A Fantasy - A Liu Yujia Solo Exhibition | 2017.10.07 - 2017.11.08 | Tang Contemporary Art Beijing(Beijing, China)