Social Organism

Artist: Hafiz Rancajale
installation, miscellaneous, painting, video | Drawings on paper, objects, multi-variable installations, books in vitrine, video and documentation | 2017

Social Organism is an iteration and a development of Indonesian artist Hafiz Rancajale’s solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia in 2018. Conceived by Hafiz as an art project unfolding in an exhibition form and a performance, Social Organism articulates Indonesia’s post-Reformasi struggles with modernity, as well as the long arc of the colonial and post-colonial in the country. Here, the artist is a social being – a social organism – that intersects with institutions and publics, artistic theories and experiments, and modes of citizenship. Sited in two different venues of the Biennale, the presentation at Gillman Barracks presents a range of his drawings and objects.


Singapore Biennale 2019 - Every Step In The Right Direction | 2019.11.22 - 2020.03.22 | Asian Civilisations Museum(Singapore, Singapore) | Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay(Singapore) | Far East Plaza(Singapore, Singapore) | Gillman Barracks(Singapore, Singapore) | LASALLE College of the Arts(Singapore, Singapore) | National Gallery Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Library of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | National Museum of Singapore(Singapore, Singapore) | Singapore Art Museum (SAM)(Singapore, Singapore) | SMU de Suantio Gallery(Singapore) | W!LD RICE @ Funan