Dear gallerist,
Links Exchange is one of ARTLINKART's collaborative projects, which aims to establish external connection between ARTLINKART and the official site of your gallery.
Let's exchange links!


  1. download ARTLINKART logo file in .jpg format or .eps format;
  2. put the ARTLINKART logo image (no less than 100 pixels in width) on your gallery site and create a link to or the URL of your gallery on ARTLINKART;
  3. notify us via email ( about the linking, and send us your gallery's logo file (.jpg/.tiff format, or .ai/.eps format even preferable, with white background and at least 400 pixels in width) and your site-link you wish to link from ARTLINKART;
  4. after receiving your email, ARTLINKART will put your logo image in the overview page of your gallery and create a link to your official site;
  5. at last, you will receive an email notification from ARTLINKART about the success of making the Links Exchange.

We hope both ARTLINKART and your gallery site will bring more visitors and more resources to each other through Links Exchange. For submitting detailed profile of your gallery, please go to GALLERY SUBMISSION.


independent space
art fairs
public or private spaces
photo galleries
cultural institutions
cultural associations
art services
art publishers
video centers